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U.S. War industries 
board. Employment... 


Bibliography of 
employment management 


Washington, D.C. 



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U.3. V-ar inrliuitrio:. board, Enplo^^^ient nanage- 
mmt section, 

Biblior^raphy of eiiplo^mont nana^^onent, .^ TTasli- 
ington, ins. 

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U.S. War Industries Board. 

Bibliog. Of Employment Mang 

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EI.IPLOYI !E1'T ?.Li TJ Gri^iIE!"rT 

Employment Mrnrgement Section, X^^v Industries Board 

!Vashii:gtori, P. C. 

Ljo^JS^^ W^^L , 




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K*-' V • KJ f 

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Employment Itonagement Section, Wbp Industries Board 





!• General on Labor 

2. Functions of the Employment Manager 

3^ Administrative Orgfnizction f.nd Relations 

4. Foremtnizing 

5. Employment Manager's Associations 
6« Records, Forms, and Office Methods 
7* The Labor Survey or /udit 

8. The Labor Market 

9» Selection of Employes 

10. Physical Examinations 

11. Mentel Tests 

12. Job Analysis 

13. Dilution 

14. Labor Turnover 

15. Vocational Guidance 

16. Unenployment 

17. Regular izat ion 

18. Public Employment Bureaus 

19. Law of the Labor Contract 

20. Educrtion of Employes 

21. Rehabilitation 

22. Americanization 

23. Psychology of the Task 

24. Wages 

25. The Minimum ^ge 

26. Profit Sharing 

27. Promotions 

28. Health 

29. Medical Aid 

30. Fatigue and Work Schedules 

31. Absenteeism 

32. Shop Standards 

33. Women in Industry 

34. Welfare Work (general references) 

35. Accidents 

36. Workmen's Compensation 

37. Insurance 

38. Restaurants 

39. Home Conditions of Employes 

40. Housing 

41. Thrift and Saving 

42. Pensions 

43. Legal /id for Employes 

44. Clubs and Club Houses 

45. Games, Recreation, and Rest Periods 

46. Community J^gencies 

47. Government of the Shop 

48. Sn«:eestion Systems 

49. Shop Comnittee Systems 

50. Collective Bargaining Contracts 

51. Associf tions of Employes 

52. Trade Unions 

53. The I. W* W. 

54. Strikes 

55. The Basis of Tiscipline and Loyalty 





Employment l^tonagement Section, War Industraes Board 

Sept* 16, 191.^ 
Sheet 1 

Adams, T. S. and Siomner, Helen L. v-t^ r*y^ 

Labor Problems: A Text Book^ Nev; York, 1905, Maomillan. The Labor Problem aiKi 
its Genesis-'.eman and Child Labor—Immigraticn^-The Sv/^ating System— Povert^^ , 
SaminGS, and Unemployment- -Strikes and Boycott— Lali«r {Jrganizations^aul em- 
ployers » Associations— The _^encies of Industrial Peace— Profit ^^^^^f""^^^ 
operation— Industrial Sducation— Lab«r Laws— The Material Progress of the v/age 
Earning Classes. The appendix contains laws and statistics. 

Cadbury, EdT/ard: Experiments in Industrial Organization; New York, 1912, Longmans 
Selection of Employes, Dex>artment Organization, Welfare \/ork. 

Ccmmcns, John R. : Labor and Administration; Eew York> 1913, Macmillan. 

Pitch, John ii.: The Ste^l Workers; Nev; York, 1910, Cha^rities pablication Corrmittee. 

Pitch, John ii. : A Report on Industrial Unrest; Summary of Finding ff President's 
Commission: Survey, 1918, February 16, pp, 545-546. 

aalsv/orthy, John: The Balance Sheet of the Soldier Workman; North American Heviev;, 

1917, December, pp. 841-657. Internal revolution vdll follow the ^va^ In Great 
Britain vjiless Lai>or and Capital can be persuaded that their interests are 
identical r 

Hartness, Jaines: The Himan Factor in works Management; New York, 1912, ilcGraw^-Hill. 

Kelley, Florence: Modern Industry— In Relation to the Family, Health, Education and 
Morality; New York,. 1914, Longmans. 

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I'lallock, W. H.: Aristocracy and Evolution; New York, 1901, Macmillan. 
Mitchell, John: The Wage Earner and His Problem; Washingten 1913, P. S. Ridsdale. 
Redfield, Hon. William C: The New Industrial Day; New York, 1912, Century Co. 

Ringe, F. H. Jr.: Can the Human Side cf Engineering be Taught; Industrial Management, 

1916, i;cvember, pp. 205-212. Outlines a course for engineering students «n tn^i 
human factor in industry. 

Simkhovitch, M- 1^.: Th^ * City Worker ' s World in.America; New York, 1917, I'lacmiUan. 

Talbot, Winthrop: Select Bi-bliography of Recent Publications on Helpful Relations of 
Employers and Employed; Cleveland, 1912. 

Trachtenberg, Alexander: The American Labor Year Book 1917-1918; i^ev. York, The Rand 
School cf iSocial Science. 

valentine, R. G. • The Human Element in Praduction; American Journal of Seciology, 

1917, January. 

Weble S. B. - Problems of Modern Industry; New York, 1913, Landtn, Longmans. A 
' - - chaTDters on wemen's wa^es, hours cf looar. 




Eraploynent Ilaxiagement Section, War Industries Board 

Sept. 16, 1918 
Sheet 2 

Handling Men: Edited by Staff of System, Chicago, 1918, A. W. Shaw Co. 

Industrial Unrest in Great Britainj Bulletin of U, S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 
Ho. 237, Washington, 1917, i'^priiit of British documents. 

Labor: Chicago, 1915, A. V. Shaw &. Co. The Factory tena^ement Series, Also 
issued as Vol. iV of the Libi'ary of F^^-otory MaBagement • 

The Long Day: A True oto:,^y of a New York Working Girl as Told by Herself; New 
York, 1905, The Century Co, 

PreliiDinary Report of the Factory Investigating Commission; Albany, 1912. 3 
vol-omes. State of Fev; York. 

Report on Conditions of Employment in Iron and Steel Industry in United States; 
Washington, 1911-19 j.3. 4 vo..umes. Government printing Office. 62nd 
Congress, 1st Session, Senate Document 110. 

Resolutions on P.econs-!;ruction of the British Labor Party: The Survey, 1918, 
August 3, pp. 500-504. 

Second Report of the Factory Investigating Commission: Albany, 1913, 3 vols. 
State of "l^ew Yo:.'k. 

Social V/elfare in Time of War and Disar^ter: Survey; 1917, October 27; 1917, 
December 8; 1918, January 19; 1918, February 23; 1918, March 23. 

Summary of the Report on Condition of Woman and Child V/age Earner^ in the 
United States: Washington, 1916. Bulletin of U. S. Bureau of Labor, 
Statistics No. 175. A summary of the report issued in 19 volumes, 

J 1910-1913. 




Einployment Ivlanagement Section, War Industries Board 

Sept. 16,»18 
Sheet 1 

Bernstein, Lester: Putting It Up to the President; Industrial SHanagement , 
1918, January, pp. 46-47. On the art of preparing a report, 

Bundy, George (Employmont Llgr. Ford Motor Co.): T/ork of the Employment Depart- 
ment of the Ford Motor Go. ; In Bulletin of U. S. Bureau of Labor Statis- 
tics Ho. 198, V/ashington, 1916, pp. 63-71, 

Clothier, R. C. (Emplo^.^ent llgr. Curtis publishing Co., Phila.); The Function 
of the Employment L'epaT/tment; In Bulletin of U. S. Bi::reau of Labor Statis- 
tics No. 196, Washington, 1916, ppc 7-14. 

Clothier, R. C: The Employment \ork of the Curtis Publishing Co.; ^nals of 
iimerican Academy, 1916, IJay, pp. 94-111. Outlines four divisions: the 
employment, the medical, the instruction and the welfare. 

Gardner, H. L. (Employment llgr. Cheney Bros,): The Employment Department: Its 
Functions and Scope; Bulletin of U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics No. 
202, Washington, 1916, pp. 49-55. 

Hendersohott, F. C. and F. E. V.^akly: The Employment Department and Employe 
Relations; Chicago, 1918, LaSalle University, pp. SO. Selection, Promo- 
tions, Employe Records, Survey of Enroloyes, Principles of Transfer, Voca- 
tional Laboratory, Job Analysis, Turnover, Educational and Welfare Work. 

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dustrial Efficiency; Annals of American Academy, 1916, Llay, pp. 67-75. 
Also in -Annals for Sept. 1915, pp. 112-120. 

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National Association of Corporation Schools, pp. 33-44 and 112-119. 

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dustrial I/Janageraent, 1918, September, pp. 205-208. 

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ment Executives; Annals of American Academy, 1916, May, pp. 117-127, 

Reilly, Phillip J.: The V/ork of the Employment Department of Dennison Manu- 
facturing Co,, Framingham, Mass.; Annals of American Academy, 1916, May, 
pp. 87-94. 

Emnloyment Ilanasemenx Section. War Industries Board 

Sept. 16, 1918 
SiiSet Z 


Tolman, William H.-. So^ia--. Engineering, I7ov; York, 1909. .JcGrnw-Hill. Chapter 
II, Ihe Social Sucreiary, j^. 48-59. 

Winiams, Jchn ::.: in Actual ;^ccouiit of vr.k.t \-e Have Done to Roduce Our Labor 
Tcurnover; Anna.i.s, EL.,/, 1917, n,-. 51-70. 

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can Acaaeny of Foiltioal and Social Science, Annals, 1915, Se:.)teraber. 

Wnder, An -e'-xre: The EiiD?:..o:;ment Depar-.mont ; 100^:^, 1917, August, pp. 98-104. 
(:i-.«s"\Vunde-.- is Enidoyir.ent Uan^^r Lum « Sweet Shoe Co., Auburn, Me.) 

Duties of '.VeTaro Snpervisors for '..-omen. Great Britain; Monthly LaJ^or Reviev. 

1918. July, p.. r-.95-:.97. A Review of "Buties of Welfare Supervisors for 

V.'oraen" M/.nistry of Munitions, Great Britain- 
Hiring and Firing: Now York, 19i.6, Meti-opolitan Life Insurance Co., p?. 5-9. 

Ecpoi-t of the Shipyard lEplc^/ment Manager's Conference of November 9-10, 1917, 
Washington, ISl'', Kmercency 5ieet Coi-poration, pp. S2. 





September 16, *18 


of the 


E.uployment Il^nat^^eraent Section, XJax Industries Board 

BlooHifield, yiQ-jeT: Labor and Compensation; New York City, 1917, Tne Industrial 
E>itension Institute, Chapter III, pp. 58-80 • 

Clothier, R. C. : Ralations Between the Employment Ivianager and Other Department 
Heads; Industrial I.Ianagement , 1917, J..n., pp. 557-560. 

Smerson, H;-rrington: The Twelve Principles of Efficiency; New Yurie, 1917, The 
Engineering 2.1^ca,zine Cu,, Ci.a^oter II, The lyi)© of Organization Through 
Wiiich Efficiency is Attained. On the distinction between line and staff. 
Ciiapter V^ Competent Counsel, and Chapter XVI. E:-ecutive Control of Line 
and Staff. 

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Hill, CLapter II, Pi-^inciples of Lidustrial Or,,;anization, pp. 39-58. 

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Chapter IV, pp. 39-44. 

Thomtpson, C. B. (:^ditor): Scientific Ifenagement; CM^bridge, 1914, Eirvard Uni- 
versity Press. The Science of Management. Lieut^ G. J. Meyers, U. S. N. 
pp. 132-152. 

Bulletin of the Society to Promote the Science of Mnagement, 1916, January, 
Addresses by Valentine, Hopkins and Ernest Li-rtin. 

Getting the Sur.erintendent'i^ Cooperation; 100^^. 1918, J; nuary, pp. 54-56. 
Advocates raakin^ Betterment Department a Straff Department, all changes 
v.hich affect productive Departments to be authorized by Superintendent only. 





B.I B L 115 HA PHY 


Sept. lo, 1918 


Erriploynient Iianagomenl: Soction, "IVar Xnd-astries Board 

Bloomfleld, Heyer: Helatiurs of Foremon to the V/orking Force, Industrial Man- 
agement, 1917, Jmie, pp. ^40-349. 

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Autjust, pp. 70?.-7?.3. 

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Eisement; 1917, June, pp. 3.i9-353. 

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1918, Auc^iisx, pp. 123-129. 

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J of Psychology, 1916, i^Oo 5o, pp. 138. 

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19'J.8, August, pp. 143-I44. 


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Longn^ns, pp. 156-161. 

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1916, July, pp. 59--61. 

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pj. 508-514. 

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tics ro. 202, 7;as:iin,;ton, 1916, pp. 30-31. 

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June, 'P'p* 353-355. 

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Chicago, 1918, l^iiversity of Chicago. 2 vols. To he completed in 5 vols. 

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versity Press, "the Foreman's Place in Scientific Management" pi^^ 395-404. 

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Columbus, Oiiio, 1916. Gratis paper. 

The Poles as Temperajuent..--: l Yvorkrueri; -Rloctrical \7crld, 1918, Ai>riJ 27. 

Training of Foremen as Carried on at the ITew Departure Mfg. Co.: Automotive 
Industries, 191^, May. 


Sept. 16, as 


♦ ^ 



Ec5)lGym©nt llana.jeinent Section, War Industries Board 

Bloomfield, Iteyen The Aim and Work of Ernployment I^ana{;ers^ Associations; 
Annals of American Academy, 1916, I\toy, pp. 76-87. Also in Bulletin of 
U, S. Bureau of Lubor Statistics, No. 196. Washini^ton 1916, pp. 42-4 and 
pp. 73-81* 

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Introduction 'oy Lleyer Bloomfield, pp. 1-16. 

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ton; Annals of Americrji Academy, 1916, May, pp. 111-116. 

Eiuplo^uent System of the Lake C j:riers' Association, Bulletin of U, S, Bureau 
of L^-bor StrttistiCG No. 235, Wu.shin^ton, 1918. 



Sept. IS, '18 

Enployment iianacsement Section, War Industries Board 


Avery, Charles P.: The Value of the Apjaication Form; Annals of American 
Academy, Hay, pj* 219-222. 

Babcock, Ilajor George D- : The Taylor System in Franklin Mana^^ement; New York, 

1917, Engineer inj iiisazine Co., Chapter 6. 

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ij&nals of iL^erican Academy, 1916, K.j, i).-. 262-272 

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Younjsto\m): Reducing Labor Turnover; lOOJ^ 
IS 18, FoLrujxy, <>,.. 36-102 

1918, ilarch, jj. 102-106 G^^i.trol sLeots 
1918, A:pril, *v. 98-loa, 

1918, Ii:-y, pp. 106-114 Job Analysis 

1918, -.Jaly, ou 110-118 D.-ily attendance record. 

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Cuapter X. pp. 151-194. 

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Monthly Reviev; of Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1917, Oct. i--* 66-79. 

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Turnover; AnnUs. M^.y 1917, pp. 59-63. Forms in use at the F:.:,ette R. 
plumb Co. 

"Labor", Chicago, A. W. Si-a^ Co., pp. 48-62* 



Sept. 18, '18 

THE Labor survey or audit 

Employment Management Section, V/ar Industries Board 


Aronovice, Dr. Carol: The Social Survey; Philadelphia, 1916, Harper Press. 
Bitlio^xaphy, pp. 217-252. 

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national Association of Corporation Schools, pp. 25-31. 

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pp. 500 v^.OO. 

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September, pp. 213-216. (I2r. V/olf is Director of Employment Miller Lock Co.) 


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tions; Sixteenth Biennial Report, Bureau of Labor Statistics of the State 
of California. San Francisco, 1914. 


Sept, 1^, ^18 



THE I. k B C_a_JLi-RJKJ-l 
Eniploymsnt Managomeat Section, War Industries Board 

Bloomfield, Moyer: Labor and Oomponsa'clon; New York, The Industrial Extension 
Inscitute, Chapter tV, pp. 87-116. 

Coho, H. B.: Sour^f,s of Gv-oply and Ueana of Getting in Touch with Them; In 

Bulletin of U* S, Biireau of Labor Statistics, I^oi ?02, Washington, 1516, 
pp» 15-24* 

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l^larch 30, p. 7C1-V05. 

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Maxket; Surve^^ ISie, April 20, pp. 65-68. 

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Other Plants-, American MachiniDt: 1918, May Z. 

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Statistics, 1917, Sept., pp. 74-84* 

Report of New England Shipbuilding Conference, October, 1917, E^K^rsenGy Fleet 
Corporation, pp. 8-10; 19-22; 25-26; 29-32. 



Sept. 18, '18 

.SELECTION OP T^?TPL0Y5S VP^R^ITS THE ''Hl-^ Tim ^].-n_y IH:Tl--a'^ PROCESS 
Employment Maiia;:;emen-;-- Secjion, 7ar Industries Board 

ciheet 1 


A..exana3r, I.Ia-.nis V/. : V/a^';o ::r) Hlriuc ar.d Pi-^chavvjln,,- Ei^ployes; Scientific ^er- 
ican Si-'ppl.e.iien!;, 1915, i?eG-uary 13, pp. :.02-iC5^ 

Alexax-'d-^r. :.:3.jnvs '7,: H:ri:i^- a>d Fi:'in^- Its Ecoro:.aic \/aste and Hov; to Avoid It; 
iJinals of ;'.n5erJ.can .^oad.e^iy, l?x5, llay^ pp. 144--164, Published also in Pro- 
ceedin,-'S cf .jnerlcaE. LIanufactu?.*er 's .association, 1915, pp. 173-J89. 

B'ackfo.'d, i^av^hP ,:'rn.. r,r.^'',y-zina, ?havaotei'; iNiav*/ Yorlc, 1916, Heviev of Hev3£>v/.'5 oo. 
Thore :•.£ ^onie r-.x^^.l 01.0^1 'i-e .vvsen \.l; --: V'>ok r,a5 t>;.e ?uibh<>r»q The JoTd, The 
i.Iaii a ad i'he Boss. 

Blaclciord, Kathe-? The Job, The lien and The Boss; garden City, ITew York, 1914. 

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lin'o-isbi-iai Mana{,^eiront, 19:,7, Judy, pp. 487-494. Illustrated. 

Peiss, R.^coard A. : Fej*sona?. Ro;.a-^:>.on?hip as a Basis of Scientific Manaj;jement; 

Anr.iais, May, 19'.<.c. Appllcai^.ion form, The Interview, Physical examinations, 
I'ledicai Record with iilu'-itrative aiid mental fitness. Absenteeism, Turnover, 

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r. i^.pplebon. 

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12 volumes. Business Training Corporation, Vol, I, Analyzing Yourself; 
Vol. II, Physical Fitness; Vol. Ill, Mental Ability; Vol. IV, Building Char- 
acter; Vol. V Uoilizing Time; Vol. VI, Y/orking Y.'ith Others, 

Muns':erberg, Hugo: Psychology and Industrial Efficiency; Boston, 1913, Houghton. 
As to the success of the experiments recounted in Chapters 8 and 10, it 
should be said tbit the estimate made by the employment officers of the 
companies concerned differs materially from that of the author, 

Richmond, Mary !].: Social Diagnosis; New York, 1917, Russell Sage Foundation. 

Chapters VJL to XXIII inclusive. A very complete discussion of the various 
sources of information concerning employes, and the relative reliability of 
these sources. 


Schneider, Herman: Selecting Ken for Jobs; The Engineering i^!Iagazine, 1916, pp. 

Sept. iQ> '18 
Sheet 2 



Err^loyment Ivlanagenenc Section, War Industries Board 


Worman, H. a.: Reorv.itin^^ the Working Forces Factory 

I Finding the Hiclit Kan, Decenber, }i'j';', pp. 59-61, 81. 

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P H Y S I C AJ>----1JL A-ILiii- A . T J_ N S_ 
En5)loyraent ManajemeDt Section, v;:.r Industries Board 

Sept. 19, ;i8 

Sheet 1 

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Employment llanasement Section, V/ar Industries Board 


Sept. 19, ne 

Sheet 2 

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U £ B g A L T E S T S 

Sept. 19, '18 
Sheet 1 


lErqployment Llana^^ement Section, V'ar Industries Board 

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:a e it t a lt e s t s 

Sept. ly, »18 
Sheet 2 

Engployment Llanajement Section, V.'ar Industries Board 






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JOB •/, X^ A L Y S I S 

• Sept. 18, '18 

Sheet 1 

Er.inloyment r^fcua^euient Sectiuxi, Vax Iiidus tries Board 

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paragraphs defining the work of each type of worker and the amount of 
strength and skill required. When the occupation to aiay extent len/i.*^ up. to 
a hi^er occupation, the facts are stated. 





Sept, 18, '18 
Sheet 2 

Employment Management Section, 'Jar Industries Section 

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ExcaTiples of work v/hich persons of the class should be able to perform, 
Qualifications and su-jges^^d ranje of compensation, for every class of 
clerical, en.-ineei'in^^ medical, inspectional and other position represented 
in the public service of the state. 

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Adjutant General. 




Washing ten 
Sept. 20,191B 


Smployment Management Section, War Industries Board 

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* • 

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CaujBes of employes leaving. SU^^jeste^ remedies. 



Sopt, 2o, 1918. 

V C A ? I ^ 11 A L g U I J) A IT C E 

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Sept. 20^ 1918 


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* < ' ' " - * .' . 

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R S TT L A H I 2 A T I N 

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Sept. 20, 1918 

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Sept. 2Ct 1918 

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1^ cents. 

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Septe 20, 1918 
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V; ashing ton ^ .. 
September ZoT '!• 
Sheet 3 


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Septl 20, ?.918 

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- > Sept. 21, 1918 

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W A G S S 

Sept. 23, 1918 
Sheet 1 




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WAS B 5 

Sept. 23 ♦ 1918 
Sheet 2 



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Sept, 23, 1918 
Sheet 3. 

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Sept. 23, 1918 
Sheet 4 


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Sept, 21, 1918 

Sh5?^t 1- 

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P- B 4 ^ ^ g 
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IL '^>> L "T F 

J^opT, 23, 1918 
Sheet 3 

EffiDlovmenu Haragfin or/. .Sec'^-ioT^., War Jnd'Q3tri'=JS Board 

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j? K A A.. T H 
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.v>-.«-."?c-.:ruary and March-Api-il, New Yor:.. Ameriian Irou ar.c b.ee_ l^s-c.tute. 
61 Eroa-iway, -'.'O c&nta. 


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M F :0 J. C A_ L AID 
Eniplojpiont Mar.agena?!-;; Soc^tion, Way Ir.dustri9S Board 

sept, 2S, 1918 
SneQt 2 

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?9pt, P.4, 1918 



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Bnploy-nont I!anagt^!nsnt Sectf.on, War rntestr.'ies Board 

Sept. 24, 1918 
Sheet 2. 

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B I B L i fiK4 Elil 

Bmployraeut Management Section, War Industries Board 

Sept. 24, 1918 
Sheet 3. 


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CUSS ion. 


Sept. 24, 1918 

Eraploymsnt Management Section, War Industries Board 

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Bi BLlfifiB4E3I 

g H p '• / S T A ^J P A R r S 
SmployTT^snt lianago:i;^n'c £3n-;.lon, WaT InC.un^jries Board 

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Slieet !• 

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S K C P S ^ A N T) A R D S 
En5)loyment i^:aagome?ib Section, War jjiiiistr-les Board 

Sept. 24, 1916 
Sheet 2 


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S H T> _ F, /" A tT T> A R 7^ S 

Sept. 24. 1918 
Sliest 3 

SraployjEsnt llau&c?:- -i-' ijcotloa. Win- Ind".st?ies Board 

r.lTrilnatlns Bnglneni i-g Soc'.fctv— i;ifaTi&£3c;foiin of— Eaa':oa., Pa.. 

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111 ii32£SA £ 11 
Ml nuv.yi i w -wausiTRY 

Bn5)loymont l^ii^goireut SsoUon, T7ar Induetrlss Board 

Sheet I 


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iiso published as a separate panphlex, C. B. Knoeppei « 

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W M EN IF I IT D 17 S T B. Y 

S^leet 2 

Eiiii^loTT^ent :v^i3a^3:c-3?on'o,Cec-,loii, T.H"?? Jnaiis <;>.'ias Buai'd 

P^O'^iaubicnfi? to ha CD-'^^^rf-ed in %ii^. K-plo>iConl of i;r:na:'.o L^ocr in ?u?: Industries in 
T'V'or.Mii ins-u.-aio'.ions of v' Mrj:.sre--r of M^UTAtJ.cna*. July 1, li/'lT; Mon-'^hly 
Ha-- law of B'?:.^9av. of Laoor S ->&•«» ^s tic Sj, 1918. ^ar:, pp. 69''V3c 

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iSlV; bti^to -i.V.d :sb?7lal Octii,ur.<i5.^.on, AAua-iyf 1913, pp. 182-204, 

Pro'5«Gie?^ In Friv».h Women O^^n To 'jhe Work of S."^liptod Men, Pl'i.lladelphia, K. P. 
Uox- Ex-2hav>cc Na' B^^X ^'Couipile^ .^iom pampVile-'rs '.ss-'z^d by 1;hG British 

Repurt on Eiip?i.oyiaenb of Wv^nen or. T^Anit^onSi A])pend1.x TrQixxinQ of Itoiitlon Workers; 
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points of the vx:l:.:o."?ri: no /oldc ir wbioli d-.TFt ca:.i gather^ no Xoone endv«, ad- 
jiistible cap p.ToivACb;-? haiTr, g:.*ac3ful, original design oy^ a ooinnittee of 
gi?rl vo::*ke-v*f'.» 

Smana:?y of Report on Condi -{-.icn of v;oman ar.d ^hild V/age Eeaners in the Ifeitsd States; 
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B I B L I5fiS^£Bl 
Ernplc;meat Ifenageznent Section. War Industries Board 

Sept. 27, 1918 
Sheet 2 

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-Sifn ^rtrB2rrf1t:?iS\?r?erser.i^^^^^ K. - -.. 

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Enployaent M&nagement Section, War Industries Board 

Sept. 27, 1918 
Sheet 2 

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A (^ '.'■ I V B. N J[!_3 

,Se;p ..eiioer 27, '18 
Shoet 1 

Err:ployTtiei3t JjJanagoma^t kJ^^viovi. Wr^r Jn::!'' series Board 

^f'he, ^ylney W.: C: raaXf^.^/'ioT:.. In A';v-:ic''.c'no prG-^9:<".l-lon- ITew York:, 1917, Hc-Graw-Hill 
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Syc^ifiri :>\^.i^5ciit? wh'.oL mrj" T:e v^d^-^ceo. b^" sdncatior?al 2ie.cias; III^ Medisal 
aio pi-yslc^: ^:;aiiina:Jo:^ o/ei^-loysf:.; r^-, I.7n3: sercy iiospirale and firsL^-aid 
work- V. Bc^'OTcr,, analyse?*, .Totio am-^v^?; YI? AociJ.f^r.t re^iaUonsliips, 
(Ai/chor :Li F.^^'Tua^iioiial and v;olf x;e X;eicrrU-^;.xn-:. ox ?j'/;:tfibrer§h worirs of General 
ElPCcri; Co*; 

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p:e:;oT: i: bo., pp, 5v4. (Ab course is c^v^n ^:;ia7v.0xi S^iiool, University of 
Psrj:i^y.f"^aii?a. ) 

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amd CoYiai-^icr-i, Wit^i H6J0^i57^€:i'^a-^:L0ii^ for i:€l:--p:'actico ♦ New York, 1918. 
NfL-'^o- - ''\'^T^.''''bfcj& xoi- :.b..3 IVo-^^o-^.'-Ion 051' P,:il;idri3«s, li30 East 2<.r.d St. 56?^. 
Mo£t coropls'e ^coi- ^-r eye .t-.r-;:'. dents y3': p;'.T)'' iched, lion Age, Fel3» 7, 1916. 
(Mr, Beriy is Field Gesretary of r:atio.ial Coimail/'^ee for prevention of Blind- 
ness) , 

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Monthly Review of Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1917, Aiigust, pp, 1-16, Ocn- 
tains some good case Material on question— Was the equipment safe or was the 
man careless. 






A :: D F IT '13. 

Sept. 27» 1918 

Employment Manf^gonie:;). •• Section, V/az- Industries Board 

Chaney, Lucirm W. : Trend of /v. v^dent F2'eqne*)cy K.atys in Uie Iron and Steel Ih- 
durtry r'urlv-g ihs Wa:; P^v-iodj Montli^.y ?.eY:lGW of Bi-'oau of I-^bor fuatistics. 
iylTc No\emL3r, pp* IZ-DZ. Siiow ie3:-eaLtc in ac^jidsiit fraqi-ency in recent 

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Ohapcera' vil, VIIT, JX, pp. i24-'^.e4-, 

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131S, BoDton Maeival c?.ad Si-rgical jomjial, Vol. OIXX:::?, pp* 670-074. 

Herher';, J. H. {,Si-per intone. en": Safety Pepartment C^Jiib-ia Stut Co., Johnston, Pa) 
The Accilde.!"- P-ob-:.e-.r of ihe J-^cn and Stsel InJ.nB cries; Bulletin of Pennsyl- 
va:o.ia if':-rr.i---roe;:.t of Labor. 1917, Veterary, Vol. -I, Ho- ?., pp- 113-120. 
WV.;h G;rap>3 olsarly Gho" the hazard of ecplcyirg new me-. 

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^ Suitimar-v of S^;fe^y >.;cacat:.on--l '•arnpaign; ICOfo, 19lr*: May, pp. 86-90; f^e, 
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foremen . 

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uoation in BMirina^rii^g tVe H^^an Equation as a Factor in tho O^B^jyn of 
Acoiderte; Bulletin of Pormsylvania Department of Labor, Vol. 5, 1J16, No. 
1, pp. 152-160. 

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An investigation of the subject in Earope. 

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disposing disease and accident: hernia, paralysis and heart disease. 

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Lust rial Ac- 


A C C I 1) 12 N T S 

Sept* P.7, 1918 



ETBpl^^.'ment hfB.'ct^^e^.ea'' S^c'cUn-i, V/ai:' Ib.f'.us tries Board 

Aactd(er.t mae.rtl c:*" tbc I}.e.r.)er*.enced Man l:i f><=^. ;?'--eel Industry; Monthly Revl?5W 9f 
Bi^os.u cl Lsbor G'^^vls";5os, 19115, JPti. pp. 176-177- 

Aocld3iit Se-'-er.lty P.a':es (A ito-rrpaTlson of. the- soalc need by ths Bureau of Labor 
StaMs ;5c:' cr^v? !:>.© ?ca?.e projK-sod by t^^e ix'i;eriatloi)al AS£OCi^.t5on of In- 
dus'vria:. Ace . e'en'. BcarOs eiil CoEHiirsions; llcn-^ilily Heriew of Bureau of Labor. 
191V, Ncv., pij. :.ffS--l-^9* 

Boneliead Act.s of Wor'.'^iie'i ; '!}he Ergineering I^fegarine, 1916» Jime, p. 442. 

Bulleiiins issuod by IT^v-icnal S^/'y'-^f Oouncil, Ghlceigo, 111. 

Califor^ala S?.fa'y ITe^c; Is3a?6 c^ Iri'l^sVjrial Occident aoimilsgion of California, 
Saa Franc- Ac CO, Cali:vorn:la. 

Causation o:f Inrlvitrlal Accidents, Croat Brlta^ln. Brief re'^iew of Dr, Vernon's 

f5i:)i?ng5 in Maino Ko, ?.l of Kealth of Jair>.ltion WorkeT's^ Committee, Feb. 1910.' 
"iin 7n7QT.l}ga'ton o:" f-e "Fs.c.Ui corr>.e:'riee in the C?.u?3tion of ladustrlfell Ac- 
cf.Oents; MorvChly Labor RaTie'.v, li'lO. July, pp. 161-164. 

Eye InjuT-ie? and 3)ieeaP9S, w:th Special Reference to F?7astrain; Monthly Review of 
Bureau 9»f i,abor Sta-iilst^'-g, "1917, A^-^St^ pp, 19C-:>91. 

First Aid; Monrhly Bal letin of the A^e?.'ioan Iron & Steel Institute, 1915, !^eb.t 
'60 Church St., Now Yorl: City, 25 cents. Vcluma 2, No. 2, 

General Reqnir'^u.ents for Saf'^ty Pertalnirg to Phy?ical Conditions; The Committed 
on Saroty, UrJ.ted States Rtael Oorpcraticn, ivew York, 1918. 

Handbook of ::jndvst::ial Safety nta-Jdard??, Now York, 1918, National Reference Com- 
mittee en Schedule Pat-rg, 135 Willi an Street. 

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Labor Statistics, 191C, June, p. 219. 


Infections Following Ihdiistrial Accidents In Ohio; Columbus, Ohio, 191^, Ohio 
Ihdastriai Coi£ml5.3ion; paper, gratis 4 

Instructions and Rul3s to Prevent Accidents and promote Sanitation for the Wel- 
fare of All Sinployes; Indiana Harbor, 1916, Inland Steel Co. 

Proceedings of National f:afety Council, Chicago, 1912-1917» National Safety Coun- 
cil. First to Sixth Congresses} 6 VTilumes. 




A G i T) ^ I^: '.P S 

Sept- <i'7, 1918 
Sheet 4 

Employinent Manag^emcsvc Ss'>tion, War feLUic tries Board 

Procacd]>if^3 c.f th^^ F-xs-i; Tr.fA-'?^lr:lal .^rf-jty no.icreps of New York: State, Syracuse, 

Pvocehjd^iigs c:? the Second!. Ir.d;'r.tjr:.ral Safety Congress of Kow York State, Syracuse^ 
+91V, S-tac6 .'j-iastrial OotuZfir-sion, Ai^ban^, ?.9i3. [ 

Prcce-=jd^.r\^>3 of^ i'h:\.Ti Ani.TJja" Mce-V:;r^ of ^>p, Jnt€.rAa:-*onaT Association of In- 
dU2:\T-j.y.? .\'-.c've ■'t Boa.-o.G arl CoLanir.«r.ior.s ; Bulletin of X f;, B^veati of Labor 
Sta-jisticjj, Ko- 210, m.c>y:LZicn, 1^17* 

Rules? ar-.d 1/12 ':vv,q V. oae ; The Yo'angGtO'A'n Sheat and Tuhe Co., 3rd Edition, 1917, 
Yc'jngs':;ci;V.i, Ohio, 

Safety Bnles a-u: Llz^<^.s'clor^s ar.(* Mss'ilnsry Cta^^^ards; fridastrial Bulletin No, 9, 
Bost^iD, 1917 i S-'c-y^e Board of Labor s:ad '^jr.'.iiti .ries. 

Scope ard App") ir^at5on o.* the national Flec-":r5c ?^:'"ety Code; Washington, 1918, 
U. So Bv^>eai'. ci :i •. y.v.u <?.r ds , Oiz-C-i'.utv 72, of J^^y,e 17. Explains the need of 
tiiS co'lb a:.:d e>i^'er eraixrf^r. of e'le'jtrical in -Juries which might be avoided 
by its apxjJ.ication* 

The Teachir.g of Safety in Technical Schools and Universities; Chicago, 1918, 
National Sarety Gonucii. 

Things You I^-st Know for Safety; Chisago, 1915, Public Safety Coraaittee, 10 South 
La Salle Street, 

Uniform Statistics of Accidents and CcuperiSation Insur? Cost. Report of Com- 
mittGG on S'.atlstivjs ar>.d GouT-iilttee on InHxwwos Coat of the International 
As.i30ciation of lirivc; trial A^'iidentJ Boa.i^ifc' aud ComTfjissionc, 1917; Monthly 
Review of Buvoan of Lab^r Statl^V'icB, 191V, Ort, pp. 1Z'5-1A3. Provides 
weightl^ig '-sy/enty weight'' for various accidents a'ld death to permit state- 
ment of accident frequency per 1000 iuir-time woxlcers. 



f* ■*> ■■ M 




WORK i: -B N-3 con? b h g a h z c n 

Employment Ilanagernent Secv-icn, War Jjidus+ries Board 

Sept* 30, 1918 

Clarlr, L. D.: Employer ■ s j:.ia'jll.lty in the Unl-;;ecl States; Bulletin of U- S* Bureau 
of Labor, 1900, o'an. 

Conyiigton, Tlary X. : Sf.?eot of Workmen's aMrpensati:;n Lr.wg in lim^.nishing the Ne- 
ce^rsity of Jrida;-lrlai Lm^lo^mon'z o:i V/oiren and Children; B'.iXXetln of U« S. 
Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. 21V, Wasniiigton, 191?', 15 cents. 

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Coinnitcee, Chapters 12 and 13, pp, 169-'206. 

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States; ::onthly ile^iew o.r Bm-eau of Labor Statii* cics, 1917, Lee. pp. 144-146, 
C-.^mpact, log.-.jal roT/iow, 

Hockstadt, Carl: rh-.-ee Tnrportanb Problems of V;orkmen^s Compenr.ation; Ronthly 
^ Keviaw of .D';.;.-eau o^' Labor S'-ia-'.ijstics, 1917, Oct. pp. 111-121. Accident pre- 
ventiv^n. Rehab il:. tat ion, Free Choice in Selection of Physicians . 

Rhodes, J. E. : WorAcmen-s OoropQnGa':ion; New York, 1917, Macmillan, pp. 300, $1.50. 
Copious references. Deals v;ioh general ^lundamental piinciples only. 

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March, 1917, pp. 2Vc-516, 

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March, 1917, pp, 244-254- 

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Association for Labor Legislation, 131 East 23rd St., New York, pp, 12. 

Workmen's Compen.^ati.n Pubj icity Bureau, New York City. Digest of Workmen ^s Com- 
pensation Laws m cno Urlted States wa th anjiotations. 1916 supplement re- 
vised to Nov, 1, U16. 5th revision to Dec. 1, 1917. 






Sept* 30t 1918 

EnDi)l(j3miGnt !lc.nagemeiit Section, ?/ar Ii4dustric8 Board 

B'!.anoharrT , H. ii.. Liabi^.ity and Gon)pen::ation Insurance; ITev; York, 1917, Appieton 

Ohsjid'.'.e:?, W, T^^COudge lU^. C-)): S:oVn93S Beneff.t Tur.ds jrdustrlal ?/or^ers; 
ALiericari 'liator Legl^aatlon Review, 1914, ]:^irch, Vol. 4, No* 1, pp. V3-E11. 

Hondorson, 0. ?. : ladustrli^.l Insinance in the United Stater; Chicago University 
of Ohioe-go PrcG3, ioej, Pir^^s and corpo.paiions, p. 19C-^'.-l; Insurance plans 
of railway ooi'poxatioris , p, 21^-250. Oiapter V, pp. 126-14-9. 

Seager, P:enry H*: Soo5al Insursjac?;: A Program of Social Reform; Nov; York, IQlOf 
Macza-jll^n, Chapter J.I arl III. p.>. C4~C3. 

Warrer, B. S, and Fd^jar SyderstricKcr: iioalth Ir.surar.ce: Its delation to the Pub- 
lic Health; Publ .c Health lulletin IT.. ?•, v/ashirgtons Ma^ch, 1918. 

Corap-ilsury Healih jTiaiTrance; New Terk Pity, 1?17, National Civic Federation, 23rd 
flOs>r ilet.'opoLitan Vow^r. 

HocJth tasur^-ani/.e; Albany, :i Yv . 191(:, New Tory: State Foderaticn of Labor. Position 
ox o:.gariiiv,ed labor a? expressed by \Aj^. first report of the health coramftuce 
of the Hew York jiirei'fcar. Moderation ©f L>©r. 

Hcal'ch Insurance; Ameri'^an Labo: Legislation Review, 1917, Lee, Vol. 7, No. 4, 
pp. 62y-'68B. Excellent sy'vceniatic discussion of whole problem. 

Private Coinpen&atlon Insurance; Survey, 1918, April 20, pp. 74-75. Statement of 
P. Siiencer Baldwin, 7?homas J* Duffy aiid others against competition of private 
companies in industrial casualty insurance. 

Proceedings of the Conference en So'^ial Jnsi'ranoe; Birlletin of U» S. Bureau of 
Labor Statistics No 212, \i/ashington, 1917', 60 cents. 




Sept, 30, 1918 

Employinenb :-!Ianag9r:8:iu Sfjotion, War Industries Board 
Lritt^n, Gortrude S- : How We Stopped Lurch Room Leal^s; Factoi'v, 1917, Dec. pp. 


liaton, J. 11. (Managier Wslfr^re Bepar-l.inent Cadillac Motor Oar Co,): Putting a Milk 
iSan on the Payroll; Faoboiy, 1917, Feb. pp. 176-1 ;?7. 

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ing Lasis; Factory, 1918, Sv^pt. pp, 528-522. 

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ing, pp. 5E-T?.; Oh. Yi% Canteens, px:>. 73-91; Ch, VII, Pood Values, pp. 92J 
112. Based upoii Encii3h exper5.or.08e 

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University Press. 

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pp. 236-23V. 

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Statistics, 1917, i;ec. pp. 207-.<:15. 

E<iuipment for Factory Serr-^ica I>f)par'-E'Rnt ; CloTeland, 1915- General Service Dept. 
The National Lainp Works of tlia General Ei^otrio Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 

The Food of Work'.ng Women in Boston, Boston, 1917, Massachusetts Pepartment of 
Health, $1.00, 

Industrial Canteens, In Welfare Work in British M-Jiiiuion Factories; Bulletin of 
U. S» Bureau of labor StatifjUcs, No. 222, Washington, 1917, pp. 29-54. 

Raising Wages by Decreasing Living Costs; Factory, 1917, April, pp. 477-400» 

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Commerce and labor, U. 3., Vol. I, Cotton Textile Industry, Washington, ISlO, 
Company stores, pp« 599r60C. 

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tics. 1917, DeC: pp. 4-7. 

Workmen's Restaurants in Connection with the Steel Business; Monthly Bullf^tln of 
American Iron and Steel Institute, (New York) 19iL4, Aug. Vol. 2, No. 8. 



H M B c N :d v ^^ I !r s of employes 

E::i3p'.loTT.or/b Maaagpn.*en-': Seotiont War .industries Board 

Sept* 30, 1918 

B;v.tnftjton, MaTca.^et F«: Ilonee'ecad; The Households of a Mill Town; Now Ycrkf 19lOf 
Riv:^ii:ell oa^^e FoT2ndat:.on, Cha7:f.cle3 Publishing Conim5.t\;ee« 

ii"''.{.4on, M<iJT B.: Ihe Rfila:;io\i o:-' Korae Condltjons to Industrial E^f'oienoy; jinnals 
c:? A^^jner-rican Aeademyp 19i6t Iliy, pp. 2?7-?t89, 

•:;.7d9, l?li?;a>}e'jh A.: SocUl BeTteriient Work Among Emp?xyes* Families; Monlihly Review 
of xiu:»'*eaa or Labor Sfeavis'Llos, 1918, Jan.. pp. 19S-£02, 

Zpllys ?lorerioe-. Ilode-J?n Ina'^s'crir 5.n Relation to the Family, Health, Eduoation and 
Morality; 5Jevj Yc>i£5 \01Ac Longmans. Chapter I, Modern Industry in Relation 
to -'ho Family 9 pp. 3-C7. 

Willia-jy, J. H&ro3d: A Guide to vhe Grading of Homes, Directions for using the 
V/}i::*^tier fzaXe for Grading Hswe Conditional v;ith the Standard Score Sheet of 
CoL.T?a:-.'ati^e Paca; Wh?.t':;ier, Galifornia, 1918, Whittier State School, ^Pepart- 
rien': of Ref=»earch, Bu/.letln Nc 7. 'i'he Wh.ittier School will furnish individual 
He.?o!rd Bla.cTr.?=> -^lo?: (>2ad'ng hon^e conditions. 

r:ea?.th and Wo>.fc:,:.fe o5? fc/i:t:1.on Wor/kers Outside of the Factory; Monthly Review of 
B^iieaa of labor Statistlct, 1917, AiJgust, pp. 9i"9E3 




H U S I N G 

Sept. 30, 1918 
Sheet 1 

Ernployment Management Section, War Industries Board 
Ai?.en, Leslie H. : Industrial Housing Pro))lems: Boston, 1917, Aherthaw Construction Co, 

A?.ler, L. H. : V/orkman's Home: Its Influence upon Production in the Factory and 

La^bor Turnover; Joui^nal of American Society of Ilechanioal Engineers, June, 1918 
Tblrjne 40, pp. 453-458 • 

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United States; The Architectural Review, 1917, April, pp. 83-91. Names of 
corpoj^ations, with costs, rentals, etc. Illustrated. 

Dixon, S- G.: Proper Housing Means Cleanliness; Harrisburg, Pa. 1916, Pennsylvania 
Health Bulletin No. 79, pp. 1-9. 

?ei3s, Paul L. t Tlie Cleveland Homes Co.: A Plan for Housing Cleveland's Workers; 
Cleveland, 1917, Chamber of Commerce. 

Foi^, JaMS: The Housir^g Problem; Cambridge, 1911, puTilications of the Department 
of Social Kthics in Harvard University. NmTs? 5. 

:?cr3ter: Industi-ial Housing; Iron Age, Feb. 7, 1918, p. 420. 

^I'eeland, W. E.: The Housing Problem: What the Owner of a City }?actory Can Do and 
•jhe One with Limited Capital— An Answer from a Er5,dgeport 'lex'O; Iron AgOf 1918 
March 21. 

George, v;. L.: Labor and Housing at Port Sunlight; London. 1903, Rivers, pp. 218. 
Complete account of the Lever factory, outside of Liverpool. 

HDH^'n, W. A.: Low-Cost Cottage Construction in America: A Stud^ Based on the 

Housing Collection in l.he Harvard Social LSinoum; Harva:rd University, DeparbmeiVc; 
of Social Ethics, Publication No. V, Cambridge, Kass., 1917, 40 cents. 

I^.n^or, G. W. v;.: Housing tf the WO'*king People in the United States by Emplcyers; 
"^Washington, 1901, Bi:lletin No. 54 of the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 
pp. 1191-1243. 

bar^Lley, MsJge: A Sbudy of Housing Condi l;i©ns; New York S'^ate Department of Health, 
Albany, 1917. 

■{ W95 Frederic C. i ^he Moc'iem City and Its Problems; New Yo/»lc, 1915, Scribners, 

i^jztoD'^ J. E,: Vv'o.lfare and H'usLng.^ New yorlc and L'^-nd.on, 1918, Lonc^a^s, $1.50 

5ubr/ "A Praotxra/. H^^cdi-C. of Wai'-time Mara^ejisnt". (Mr. Hutton is Manageii* 
.^f :is:x>i' ar.1 oa'.'^Txr.g eepartrisnt of ViLclrers Limited. 

.M:^^?., JoKn: Hepo^i'-^-.c on H-jiJr.lnfc?; No.tional Miinioipal Rev.lew, Philadelphia, Oct, 
'^ ViZ. rivcc- a If.Hu of 86 reoent reports in the United Cta'^es and Caria?.^. 


H U S I N g 
Employment llanagement Section, War Industries Board 

Sept* 3«, I^IC 
Sheet 2. 

Ihlder, John: Better Living Conditions for Employes and their Relation to Sta- 
"bility in Employment; Annals of iUnericaii Academy, JcJi. 1917, pp. 58-65. 

ICillen, Clarence C* : The Housing ProTiilem; mlmington, Del*, 1916^ Ch&fcler of Oom- 
merco . 

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the Fulfilment of an Urgent Task; Survey, 1918, Jan. 5, pp. 390-397. With 
illustrations and plans. 

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Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1917, Kov. pj, 35-&0. 

Magnusson, Loifur: I7ar Housing in Great Britain; Monthly Review of Bureau of Lalior 
Statistics, 1917, Dec, pp. 220-229. Contains on pp. 227-228 synopses of 
Raymond Unwin on "Types of Houses*', 

Nolen, John: Best Things in Print (Bibliography); V/ashington, 1918, American Civic 

Price, George M; Tenement House Inspector; New York, 1910, 2nd Ed., The Chief pub- 
lishing Co. A Ttixfbook for civil service candidates for the i>ositions of tene- 
ment house inspectors, also for sanitary and "building inspectors. Based on 
the New York Tenement House Law, 

Sternlierc^, Gourge Li.: Report of the President's Homes Gonsnission; T/ashington, 19i9, 
Government printing Office. Issued as 60th Congress, 2nd Session, Senate ]>oc- 
ument 644. 


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Veiller, La.wrence: Industrial Housing Developments in America: Eclipse Park, Icluit 
V/isconsin; New York, 1318, N^itioni^I Housing Association, Publications Nv ♦ 46, . 
1§ cents. vVith many interesting floor plans and elevations. 

V(^iller Lawrence: Housing Rufv>r:j; Ne-w York, 1910, Survey Associates, 

von V/agner, Mrs. Johanna: Ti^e B^^ardin^ House; Tlie Architectaxc^l Review, 1917, Jim. 
•.-;. 23 "Z^. With nuinerous plans. 

Waldo, Pullerton L. : Go^d H- -using T^uxt P^-ys: A Study of the Aias sjid the ACf^^mplisli- 
nents of the ^ctavia Hill Association. 1896-1917; Pl.iladelphia, 1917, HiJn:'><^r 
Press, pp. 126, Illustrated. The LLnthl^ Review cf the Jureau wf L?1ior says, 
"Tixe chief feature of the work lies in the rent collector, that *' atient, uni- 
versal arbiter* — \*ho not onl;/ collects rent Tiut z^ros domestic advice, settles 




Sept. 30, 1918 
Slieet 3 

B%>loyni9nt Management Section, War Industries Board 

An A-B-C of Housing; Son Francisco, 1915, Coiitaission of InmiGration and Housing 
of California. With a ^miography. 

Housing; The American Architect, 1918. Ilay 16. Special Kuoaber. 

Pile of Journal of American Institute of Architects- Articles on housing each 
month. The Housing Book reprints all the articles in the Journal prior to 
March, 1918, $5.00 a year. 

Government Housing Details: Nine Different Types for permanent Construction and 
^ the Restrictions Imposed; Iron Age, 1918, Mc»y IS, p. 1270. 

Government Aid to Eo~^e Cwning and Housing of Wbrking People in Foreign Countries; 
Bulletin of Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. 158, Washington, 1914. 


Housing of Workmen; American Machinist, 1917, Nov* 29, p. 937 ff. 

Housing and Town Planning; Special Number of Annals of American Academy. 1914, Jan. 

The Housing Problem in War and Peace; The Journal of the American Institute of 
Architects, Wvi-shin^ton, 1918, pp. 115. 

^ Houses for Mining Tlv«is; V/c^shington 1914, Bureau of Mines, Bulletin 87, 15 cents. 

Housing Problems in America; proceedings of the Sixth National Conference on 

Housing at Chicago, 1917, National Housing Association, New York City, 1917, 
'pp. 4G2. An excellent comprehensive boolc. 

t How Erie is Solving the Housing Problem; Iron Age, 1918, May 30, p?. 1365-1389. 

Plans of General Electric Co., American Brake, Shoe Co. and Foundry Co. 

National Housing Association Publications. New York. Miscellaneous Pamphlets: 
Y/hat Bad Housing Means to the Coiununity-eth edition. By Albion Fellows Bacon 

No. 6. 

- One Million People in Small Houses-Srd edition. By Helen L. Parrish, No. 7. 

* Teaching the Tenan'*:— 2nd Ed. By Johanna von Wagner, No. 8 

Housing and Health— 4th Ed. By Lawrence Veiller, No. 9 ^ . ^ «„ 

Small Houses Within the City Limits for Unskilled \7age Earners--2nd Ed. By 

George M. Sternberg, M. D. » LL.D. No. ^f 

Brief List of Books on Houd^ng ani City Planning, No. 32, Gratis. 

Low-priced Houses for Wage-Earners, by Jacob G. Schmidlapp, No. 34. 
' Industrial Housing, By John Nolen, No. 35 

Industrial Housing, by Lav/rence Veiller, No. 36. 

What Types of Houses to Build, by Perry R. MacNeille, No. 37. 

The Districting of Cities, by Lawson Purdy, No. 38. 

The Menace of the Three Decker, by Prescott F. Hall, No. 39. 

Indian Hill— An Industrial Village for the Norton Co., Worcester, Mass. by 
J^ ^ Charles C. J/lay, No. 40. 

Housing in Relation to Health and Morals, by John Molitor, No. 41. 

... Wax Emergency in Housing, Letter to Pres. Wilson from the N. H. A., ho. 42. 


Employment Management Section, War Industries Beard 

Sept. 30, 1918 
Sheet 4 

"Reusing Problems in i^jneriQa", National Housing Association, New Yorlc* 

Pro-^-eedings of the f^e^ond Faclonai ConferGnoe on Housing in iimerica, $2.00. 
proceedings of the ??ourth l^ationc-l Conference on Housing in America, $1.50 
Proceedings of the Pif'j.h National Conf'erence on Housing in America, $2.50 
Proceedings 9f the Sixth National Oonference on Housing in America, $2.00 

(All cloth bound) 

proceedings of the Annual Confeifence^ of the National Housing Association entitled 
'•Housing Problems in America''; New York* Vol. I is for the conference of 1911, 
published in 1912. fe2.00 each* 

Pamphlets, Pro<ieedings 6f the National Cohferen^e^ en Housing entitled, '♦Housing 
Problems in America" and a quarterly journal entitled "Housing Betterment", 
New York, Nc^tional Houaiiig Association. 

The Prize Designs in the Natif^nal iimericanization Ck>mmittee Itamigrant Housing Com- 
pe'bition: Accompanied by the Competitor's Full Specifications and Descriptions. 
The Architectural Review, 1917, ^Jan- pp. <d-21, With numerous elevations and. 
floor plans. 

Proceedings Second National Conference on Ho\isLn3, Philadelphia, lee, 4-4, 1912. 
Held >y National Housing Association. Proceedings ?ul»lished by Association, 
J.05 E. 22nd St., Nev York City. Contains John Nolen on The Factory and the 
Home, "Shall the Factory Go to the Outskirts or Snu.ll the People be BroUj^ht 
to the Center". First Ccnferencf^ Proceedings, $2.e0. 

Proceedirtjs- of the Annual National Conferences on Housing of the National Housing 
Asscciation, New York, 1911-1918. 

Sanitation of Rural V/orkmen's Areas: With Special Reference to Housing; Committee 
on V/elfare Work of Committee on Labor of Council of National defense, Washing- 
ton, 1918. Public Health Reports, Sept. 6, 1918, Yol, 33, Nv>. 3S, pp. 1477- 
15©7. Contains much valuable and practical irformaticn. 




Sept. 3C, 191 S 

En^jloyment Mana.g6mont Soctlon, V/ar Industries B^ard 

Oh';j:?.dlor, V/. L. : Fincjicial Aid fur Enployos; Industrial Management, 1917, ect. 
pj. 56-43 

Dennis, Stanley A.: Holjing Employos to Save.: In ^'Handling J^n'\ Chicago, 1917, 
A. V/. Shav O^c, ^yg. 183-192. 

Ololni^x., Willi' Jr- H. : S.dal Bnglv.favlwe:; l^ov. Yurlr, 1*^03, !.toav«vr- Hi T U C;h;Trxrtpr VI, 
Thrift, p.). laS-P.OO. 

Thrift a Xsult uf S..vings Plan B^allotin; Nov York, N^vombar, 1917, National Ao- 
s^jciatiun of Cr^ioratiun Schculs, pp* 10-20. 



15 I I* I I G ?. A F H Y 

p s iisiojlB 

Sept, 5i^, 1913 

E'.playiLont llr.n:.gjincnt S^;Otion, \/>.r Industries Board 
7it3h, J. .to A-: E.xlcycs' Ponsi^n Plans; Survoy, 1S18, M .y 25, Criticism cf 

^j JLc ^.i o » . . 

Titoh, J:hr. A.: ?.r Vi.luo J^coivol: Survey, 1918, Il^y 25, pj. 221-224- A li?- 
• ciissionof iri:lustrir.i pensions. 

os^^jut, Kv^nry "":.: 5o3i^a^: A Progr.-ju uf S cial I^^form; Uov Y rk, l«ie. 
IL.cnr.illan, Ch'-pt..r \\ Provision for 01-1 a>-. 

An-uiw and L.r^fit ri-^ns fur Enxplcyes of thu St.-nd:;rd 2)il C.^ cf Kcw Jersey- 
■ Ucnthly L bcr ?wVic;\-, 191^', Juiyv V?' 1<SC-169. 

or S.-nic'.l .Iv..sur..nCo, Bulletin cf U. S. Duru-u of 
. L3ur^St-ti:3tiGS ■.. . PAP.. ' ..chingtcn. 1917, A". 729-838. 

PrGCwcdings .f "h- 0. r.f wrt^r.Cc. 







Eifl^'lo^^rpent Mc^nc-gement Soeticn, War Industries Board 

Sept* 30, 1918 

Collins, James H, : Tho Art of Eandling Men; Philadelphia, 1910, Altemus. "The 
Lo.Mi ?h.xrk'% pp, iii-iae 

Eubank, Scixl EdWc^d: Loan Sharks ar.d Loan-Shark L^.gislation in Illinois; Now 
York, 1917, Rucaell Sc^o Founaatir,n, pp. 16. 

Eraployroeuit MaaagemeTi i; Section, War Industries Board 

Sept. 30» 1918 

Towson, Charles R.: A Not lea Supplement to Indus urial Housing; The AroeriOiin 
Arohitoct, 1918, J&.y 15 and May 22. 

Vrnltncy, Anloe L» ; Clu'bs, Gyranaslvms aiid H'^Oi'oatlon Groimds for Erniiloyes; Monthly 
Review of Biareau of Lai)or S-featiatiaij, 1917, Nov^ pp. 201-212^ 

Club Huoses; Mon'shly Biille-^-5.n of Amerioan Iron and Steel Institute, 1914, July, 
Vol, 2, No,. ?5 New Yorl^ C".ty« 

The V/eston Enrployos' OIvId; Iron Age, 1003, June 4, pp. 49-50. Account of club 
house and oiuo or employes of Westor Electrical Ini?trument Co. of Vi/averly 
Park, H. J. 



G4LIt^vl:_Oi?lli52l22^Lj^ll^ Sheet 1 

FriiDjQ.TTiiont l^^aagoment Section, War Industries ?.oard 

J^-'-j-cIienal , mi:^^o\:h (7^:.tox): C-^ficial Handbook of the Gi?:^ls' Branh Puhlic 
S^'hoois A;-.h;.e-:-io :,e^ga'3: ITew xork, 1917, ^r^rioan ?,ports Pulli^hing^Co. , 
.ypax-'angs Athletic :nJ0.rary. Suggested ao-civitles, ?.ules icr games, manage- 
ment; of ooiiceots, ge'oe:;ai articles, 

C'.-.lio":, Hichard C: ^.hat iMen Live By: Work, Play, Luve, V/crship; Nejv rork, 1914, 

Crcjrtton, C. W. (Editor): Official Handbook of the Public Schools Athletic League 
of New Y3...'k City; New York, 1917, j^erican vj^^orts Publishing Co*, Spaldings 
Athletic TiJb-ary, 2!? conts. Contains rules for events, conduct of meets, 
rulss for oest'i, hints on tra:.ning, etc, 

Curtis, Kenry S.: The Play Movement and Its Significance; New York, 1917, Mac- 
mil. I an. 




5C'.rllr.gT,on, Dr. Thomas: Playgrounds in Helation tu Health and Education; Monthly 
Bulletin uf Arrer:can Ii'on aid S-'eel Ir.stitute, 1914, i'el:., p. 30, ff. 

ailson, Ma-ry S. : Pecroatiun 'for Kniployes; Industrial Management, 1917, Oct., pp- 

arous, Karl: n^he Play of Ilani New York, 1901, Appleton. 

Hanmer, L. F, and H. 2. .Knight: Sources of I-^iformation on Recreation; New York, 
1514, Runnel Sag-e 5oui:da-Gi.>n, Pamphlet 1S6. 

Hutton, J. L.: Velfare and Housing; New Yofk aid Loralon, 1318, Longmans, Chapter X, 
Amusements, x^p, 13V"iA4. la^^ed xxpoii English e:rpe>-'i«noe. 

Leland. Lcrna H. (Sditor): Pl.^.ygrjund Tf^chnique and Play..raft; Springfield, Mass. 
19C9, ?. A. ?.apf,9t-;e Co. Teals with playg.oorjid arohi-iecture aiid engineering, 
Suv..cen3ful playgrounds in various places are des3ribed. Bibliography, p'o. 

Lord, C. ^\: Athletics for thB V/:;rking Perce; Irdnstrial Management, 1917, Oct. 
TOP. 44-49. 



Hero, Everett 5. (Editor): American Playgrounds : Their Construction, Equipment, 
Maintenance and Utility; Boston, 1908, American GjTii-'iasia Oc 

Patrick. G. T. 17.: The Psj^chology of Helaxation; r??tor:, 1915, Hji;ghton Xifflir 
^i C»>. Piscusses relaxation in laur:;ht*ir, [^.^roi'a^^ity, alcr^hol, play, r>>jcrt, 
^.nd var. 


;E.:;a>.'?.y , M. J-: Zn^ J?ritii»h Journal of Psyr./i^-'logy, Mjnograph r}i;pp lements 17, Tho 
i'^yrihclogy of i-he ^.rgGnis'ed G-coup Gar.r* ; Caii^bridgr- Il:.i-/Grsity Pr^^c^s, 1^^^, 

> > tt, Vi/^'ltor :;ii:: I-nc-.reasing Human Efficion^^.y in Businesb'; I^Iqv; y-^rk, 1!;11, I->-^- 
mi] Ian, Chaptor LI, Relaxati n as a yt?.ar.3 of Incroasizii, HirKan :?iiici3ncy. 




Sept. 30, 1918 

"^mplcyiion-'; T>2:aiagomerit Section, V/ar Industries Board 

•*=;i:5«-^r, Oatus V : Thh •';cm)u::c;.al.l/.ation of Leisure; Boston, 1917, Badger. 

/.?ulmn, W-llllcffi K. : Soc:.a'i. .^^givieerins, New YoTk, 1909, McGraw-Hill, Chapter X, 
Po '.-^eati.r, p . P9o--;:>-4. 

•Vvj B.'ro3?.rjV -?-:.^::,ci-: ■>'? ?acili':ics and the Imlgrant ; Ann-Is of 
AaK:x-.s.c l.c^.c\o-aij, V?^-'j, }^i.:(h, pp. ?r)?--367 . Reprinted in Y/inthrop Talbot, 
Araxi .an.:iU;-5.on, Ile^/ "^^.-ir:, X!:):<.•^ pp, 515-520- 

7eir, i^c't)ort F- • , Vo-.J..:on:l nc-.rer.tjon; Bloomingtun , Inc\ , 1917, The Ibctension 
ri-''i3.ion V.I Icdi'a-;:. HrJ/ver-sity, A survey of thd activities of Indiana firms 
in lehali' of t::.c.> Ci..pioy6'^> . Material grouped under the headings: comfort 
fa'^.iliti.j.Sj physi.oia r^^crei-tlon facilities, educational use of leisure, cul- 
tural recru •'•:oi-j'=', sooic.l r.ctivitios, "organizations, medical supervision, 
7ar.a:icn:v. (-^ic. "IJnl^ is f/ilcwed hy a systematio disciFsicn of recreation 
ur^dor. sneh t:.t\cn ai:, Sanitr.ry dietary and reoreatJTre facilities, Games and 
Pl.ay,ji.-o^ind.': , Sue:..-/; r^id efUvi^ticnal activities, Organization and supervision, 

vmitney^.Anioe I..: GiuLs. G-^^^asivja and Recreation Grounds fo- E?nployos; Monthly 
Rerirtv c-r .?.:.rea-a uc lacor ?tavistics, 191V, Nov. pp. 201-2i£. 

piitnry., A:iico T. : Foci-i.; c.hd jf.-dacatio-nal Advanta^^os for Employes; i\5Dnthly 7 
.of P.-:'xeau o:^: •.cXoi" r^oaxi-S bi^;s , 1918, Jan. pp- 206--212, 



loMfical ^Tganv^iativJi-ja in the B/on and Steel Industry- Morithly Bulletin of the 
American laon end S'uool Inoticute, 1915, Jixn. Vol. .3., I'o. 1. 

Playgrounds; Bull/clr o/ rr;.n and Sceol L^.stitr.te, ?.914, Ve::ruary, Vcl, 2, Uo, 2, 
61 -Broadvay-. 2b Con'^s- BoautifuXly illustiated. 

4 / 


Sept. SO, 1918 

Employmont Management Section, Wai' Industries Board 


•lolman* VilXiajTi H. : Scoial En^^.necrlna^; NeT7 York, 1909, McGraw-Hill, Chapter XT, 
pp. ^23-554, Oojoraiaial or Social BGb\.e.':menw 

WehlQ, Louis B.: Labor Problems; Quarterly Jo-uxnal of Economics, 1918, February. 

Amon^ Indus-lrial V/orfeers: A Handbook for Associations In Industrial Fields; New 
York, 1916, Industrial Peparoment and Jnbornation Goranittee Y» M. C. A. 

L-.bor Legislation in 1915; Vvashington, 1916, Department of Labors Bureau of Labor 
Statistics, Bulletin Bo. 1B6, Govemmeut ))ccument, pp. 494. 

Organisation of the War Labor administration Gon$>leted; Monthly Labor Review, 
1918, August, pp. 65-71. 






B I B I Jt G K A p H Y V/ashineton 
; ^^^^^.^ ,^^^ y^^^ 

l!top;io]?^i:cn-:; T^ai.a^cn?erxV ri^O'cio::, \7ar jiidus^ii'les Board 
Ausc7n, F. B^^l i^onr '^liny '^oinn Ba.:^; Lal^o- PrcLxerns Under Wa:; Oonditions, %atern 

F:^-ando^t:, ,^\>!ir.c, Louis D.: i:if Ici^ncy by C.nsan^; Indazstxigl Management, 1S18, 
Je'b. pi-i. 1<.03 ll);.'! t 

\ Oiiu.:r*„ 4. K-. :::w r':>roo aad ira^.tioe of xSc^nagemsnt ; How York, 1514. ^clncsring, Horrlc. L,. v;:io U- Eoas in Your Shop; Mnal3, JS-y. 19i7. iv 16"7-ie5. 

Fcerr.--.:-, Pobni I:- r. • A Pron,lsins V^nv.nrj. :n liido.-.via: Partnership: Annals of 
An* Ac-adcn.;/, 19i;..: N^o^. pp. 5V-103. 1'h. p?an o.' tns iJeruir.oon Ifeg. Co. 

a-tw.l-~, H. 0.- Hc^-^y<; cf r^otnnib tee on Yo-ar.lcc-il (iv.idr^rcc; I!sw York, 1916, Naiion- 
'al AFDOcia'.icn o;-:- •JoTpc:ra^-.ion .School^: pp. e&-9£ ana j.48. 

Va''en^.i-e, Rot..;r'-. G. . 'Civ: Progrosrl'-e rte'lat.l.n betwB3n E/flaier.,c.y and Conson'.;; 
i3u...'.e:;-"ii rt :-,he l^ray^o'^ ;:o;,icv.y, :!9i5, Nov. pp. ?r,"3C, 

r;-,o;-^ oV :■ >£ Oonmivveo or yo(a-^ U^^dan.o. S.oiion VI, Mmia^omen. ^hazing. 

Gove.-.-iii-g -he, ra".--orv L;.i,e a r.epx.-i>iic; Factory. 1917. Oct. pp. K54 ff . Plan of 

■)he iiabo Coi.'je'; Co. 

Labor and xhs Kc=w Social 0-dar; Supplement. to.The Hew Republic. 1S18, Feb. 

The Ma-^^.ona] Economic Lcagre Qiia-.'<;orly: Social Reoonstrucoion Au'ter the War. 1918. 
I.Iay= (Ra':.c'ii:.'fei Siooks, K-h-ir^-, Eliot) 

,.- • -^ lAr-^i-^ Tohn-.. nnf.rft-rtlon Pol'ov- Englnsoring and Mining 
O'Mrer Iron M-.n:.:ig ••o. Adopts Lacor (..oop9*<:.T..u u ru4...-,> j^ t. 

" Jo'oi-nal. 19US Jvr.e £9. a^b.-ines cha "ma^.uality" adopted. 




S U fi G- >^ Siy i II S Y g '}} B M S 
EnplojTn^nt Mituag-D^/at Seob5.on, W2?.r Tjadrstries Board 

Sep Co ^0, 1918 

Byles. L. U.: Ilha Syxgcon^lon S;3".em in r:o<>lp.nd; Sypcem, 1907, Dec, pp. 580-585. 

Cadbury, Fd\ve:.?d: Experto.en'.s in J^diist::ial 0--g£JLizaticn; New Yorlc. 1912, Longmans, 
pp. <cio-.iX'« 

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jacbory, 1918, ^^pr-J, pp. 62'i-628* 


Hunger, Ed\v?n A- fZustman Kodak Co.): J^ug^estions rrom Employes Help Company Save 
Mone^-; Ancals* Ma^/, ).91.7, pf.. lGG-L9Co 

Motcalf, H, C: Report- of Oommlttfte on T^cational Guidance; New York, 1916, 

National Associ:larion of Ooi-poi'atlon S^nools, pp. ?6-88, 

Pilkin^hon, Robert G. •. A F^Ur Toyar^y Oontrac-G for ^irrployes; Anierican Machinist. 
191'/, I)c-G, :.'5: pp. '^0''V-102a. Ooncaiiis modeii. fair cor.tract to be encerea in- 
to by eugpXo^^OJL' ciTploye. 

Porter, H. F- J.: 'J^^^ PT'&'^BSoion System; Cassler's Magazine, 1905. July. How to 
fencovrage ci".^'§:2 3 'ions :':roru employas, 

-^tting Fn^loyes to ITcfe c-f^DSt'lon^; Electrical RaHway Journal, 1917, Dec^ 29, 
Experif^r-cc of tho teiiTiz^r •.?; ^; rr'a/is • 

($ut of the Suggestion Box; Fair^ory, 191?, Sept. pp. 553-355. 



B i B L J £ liA P H Y 
■ SHOP ^ M H : >? V' £ E F :^ S T B M S 
itrrploTiHeno Mai.Hge7ii^;i:b FscUonp V/ar .Vadiis-'uriss Beard 

Cep-'ia 30 J 1918 

Basjse;, V/. H«: Vvhare a Oomm-.'.vtoe is the Bcsc;: Parooj?;/, 1917s Nov., pn. 705-707. 

Carpen'':er, C, V/. ; '.'^ho Oor:im-:;cao Syci-'-eifl; P;'o'er:ui.^' Hasa.sines 1907, Feb, 

K.i>.'kaldyj A. W- fEdJ-^io:.*; : Iiid"'Z£>*:-?:7 auc*. J':-.:!isj.:'e; London and New York, 19X7, Pitman 
& Sona. C]r;i^'p-:e?; ji:V, ppc ".6C->,8o, "\Vo:>K;t'nop CGiiifi^.:>.aGes'' bv 0^ G, Ilenold. 

Hussel: Crgar.isfng i^a^r^v.^r Ooiiimrt'':oes r I:i*on Aga, Jana 8, 1915, pp. 69''70. 

V/elDb, Sidi:-.ey; r-he V/orks Manaf??'" Today; l^^r^i ^0::*!-^: :^.917. Len,^. Chapter YIII, 

The "I'laniieT^s** of i/Icmage'men;, pp.- lo;3-li6. Chapter IX^ riscJpline, pp. X17-121. 

Inter ilmP.epovt of -'•he H3':oni'ti:u.eGl.Gn nonri^ii-'-.tee on Joint JE'-'^ard.lrg Indv.s trial Coun- 
cils, G'-'cat hr'.l'jLfj., 19iV, Bt^.printod in .■!(:ad-ieti*ia". U-.v/e^t iti Oreat Britain, 
Bulletin Zo> of tLe U. 3. Bvreaii of J.ahcr otatlscitis, Washington, 1917, pp. 

Prcceoc'-ii^^s o.? tha ?oooAd .ljidi''.s ',:■?:. al Sa.C^ty Oor.igT'ess of New York ?tate, Syracuse, 
IS'.v, £ja":e ij' CcniiiSspion^ A^/oai^y, 1918^ Shop Coiartiotaes, William 
Carroll , "pp. .160-'.. 68. 

Fieview of Wc:»kr. nonnivtess; Report of the British Ivlinistry of Labour; New RepLThlio 
1918, Jnly £?.■ 

The Splendour of Cormaitoees; ^he New Statesman, 1917, Oct* E7. 



COLLECT v.VIj: Bm a:u'UT'-: x C 0C !T^»^HACT3 
Bhjployirent llc:vj:i£,^\£^Qn : ^.^ctlon, V/a;^ I::dastj:^^e3 Board 

Septo 30 5 '1919 
Sheet 1 

Arjb.>.?3, v;. J,. (T'le Adjur'.':^(^r.5 o>? V.'a^os; I^ev; York, 1903,» Longiaans^ AppsDdJ.x 2V, 

jof:it Arrr-')*^.>ron-'-s. pp. ^tZ-Z^o'h 

OroEs, iza P.,; CorXer-f^ive ?.av?c;aJ.n:-QC and Trade A^^^eoirents in ihe B^Gwn:.y ^etc.) 
blades of ?a:i 5'>7o:.3:'.^';g, u/i 5 ty of Cali^oxnila, ]39:-ke^.Gy» CalifornLa. 

F.--T;.;e-, J^OT.:pi No.iVE^.OTx Oo''/<.e.?':i>v'o Baigalulng Ilan; Monvbly Labo.;' Review, 19ie, 
Av^a??t, pp. .IHO* 'I'ho ?;.:*i:i-:ki"l;iedc-rman Oc, djr.ocra'^ic shop plan, 

£■'^113 u, l^Qr-'-h: ^;::adG AfrcS^fn:? In ^he 'Vom-^n'r^ Clo'b'jiin^ Iiif^i2S tries of Philadelphia; 
Alcn^hlr Pxcie^v ox Bv^aau o:e -uabo? S^^., 1918, Jan. pp. 2?-".9. 

G^:^^n''.;v, J*!?.' -•h'-:w ?i:. ; ^-ace ^^-^i^^n^^ In the 'Wen'^^ Clothing Inda.=itry of New York 
Civ; -loa-hiy Ito'v^ew ot Bm: ':a.u of fiabor SwaG.'.sticSj 1918, Jan. pp. i8--26, 

Gi-'oac, 5. '},; Atu' of ^jris:/--can Courts in Labor Cases, Longmans, 1911, Chapter 
X, 0'ioi?ed f.hop OcutracvvS. 

Hoag'.anci, H. S. ; OolxecoJTe Bai^aining ?.n the Lithographic Indp.stry; ITew fork, 

i ^on^sTDaiui , 19 V', jjp,, 1Z>0.> Oo'.'xiniJla Uni^^Grsit^;- St'.idioS in History ar^d Economics, 
ITo. vilb. ;4P?-.00. One o:? a series of studies made for the U. S. Coiamittee on 
Jiiidustrlal ilelations. 

Hoa^:'.ar.d, ITenry E.: Wage Bargaining on the Vessels of the Great Lai-res; University 
of lilinoJ.Sj K';tnd?.&3 in Social Scieiice, Urbana, 111., 1917, $1^130. 

Hoi: 13; R^ 3?..: S...:;.erit5f ic Management and Labor; New York, 1916, D. Appleton, pp. 


Ilorio. Robert I**o j Trade Unionism in the United States; New York, 1917, D. Appleton, 
Oiiap'oer X, " . 

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lrAX'SAi'f\ £nd i^^.., N3>a' Yoik^ 1907. 



Jones, i:dwaj/d D. i l»he Administration of Industrial Enterprises; New York, 1916, 
:jon:;iii£:i3, pp* ?.01-811. 

va"Je.i";ine« Pob^r'j 0.. a^d ^nad. O'^d^ay* Work and Pay; A fuggestion for Representa- 
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Tlonthly Reviev/ of Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1918, Jlme, pp. 165-167. 


^^mm a*? mm^ *■■■ mimm m^^ ^imm — ■m «ib» «^iw ■■«> ^^b* 

EEcployment Llanace^iiont Seoviont Veer Indus i;r1,es Board 

SepVc 50, 1918 
Shoet <i 

CojLleotive Agrorrrer/l-s in ihf) Lien -3 Cloth .'Hg Lidi-'.^'hry; Bulletin of U. S. Bureau 
of Labor 3'^at..\L;t\o£?5 ^Too 1S8, \7a5hine"ton, 19i6* 

Qigrbeivly Journal of iiconomicsp 1919,. Feb., pp. ;3C4-?92. Some oollective bar- 
ga:7nLr'g oonti-actc; aa^ Jerar/ai NOr 13 o^ the Chief of Oi'toance are re- 


ladus-briaj. Cuu-^'c of the Cloakf ?uir and Skirt .industry of iTev/ York City; Bulletin 
!!:>• 144, Lureau of Labor Stat-.r.tlcs, Wathlrsjo.n, D. C. 

Hepoir'; o:? the Ird^^/str.^al Corn:?il of •'±.3 B2*i-:,.l3h Boa?rd of '!?rade on its Inquiry into 
I^ia^3b;--? ii{^>:6eL:cn;3; Bu:-.;.eb)n o::: "h^ iV. ^, Burea;*! cf L.^or ftati^tics. No. 
I'dZt Wajihiagtoi , 19J.5, Goyeisroi^r^t;- P.Tr.V'^i.-ig O/'fice. 

Sh.:.'€.e-'-. Railv/ay En-^:*ovi7ifc^ il. iUa the mii;ed rta-'e.T; V/rshing^on, 1917, Bulletin of 
B''i3-in of Lc'.box' :*3*>avi3'GiC3? No* >:C4o vcn'^aintJ a^'^^eeinents entered 

ilA'OO . 

Wcoge A^c*»3£nier'^«. V7c:'/:xf,hop ay-d Or..n.?.e:-y R"n.X.?s, and provisions for Settling lis- 
p:T-:eR' Kcpo:;>. of. iJr.x J.:?;/ c^ '';Le 3oa./d of Trade into Cost of Living iii Ajr?r5- 
can TovvuE,, Lit\i':.ish Pai-le re ■aneiiwj LoTsdon, 1911. Afjpendix I, pp. 4:25-443. 

T/0£'>9n p Ca:^:iTifn': I\::rj'i;9..?a?/>?3rs' Asaoc-iation of Philadelphia and Joint Board of 
Oio-^K a*id J!zir'- ivl^Vc3/'s Uhioii:-". o.C PhA.lad^^phia: Agreement of i^ugust 1, 191V> 
Mor.\;hly Po'^lew of Burea^;. of Labor ii'- at is tics, 1918, Jan. pp. 51-35. 








iiMW AMV * •■•» ■*»!■ «•■* *■*• •••^ (P*^ ^^^ ^i««» «^iB m^mm 

A S S G I A '? ?: IT S C y EMPLOYES 
Eicpicyinont Mai*ar'?c m.^n'i:. ne^'j-^io:!, War l.ndT:»f3';ries Doard 

Sep'c. DO, 1918 

Bach, E. E-: l?oc?.al and R3:.:,gions Organ!. Tat ior.s as FactorG in the Labor Problem; 
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Mutuality, pp. l^''2":i.G2. 











Sept. 50, 1918 
Sheet 1 

Empl:;7ir»en'^: Ilana^cJipnu Saotlon* V/ar Indus;; Borird 

^dsms, 'e. S, ari H. L. v^iicrrie:-'. :r,a-b.377 Problems; Ne\7 Yo^k, 1918, M?:omillaii, Chapter 
", I;j.!X:? 0r3??xaU'a.;ixK: a:ad ImpIoyGrs* Ass og lab Ions. 

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war and the ccurts are upsetting the traaiticnal attitude of Atnerican trade 

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T Tl A Ij S U !T I IT S 

Sept* 50, 1918 

Ernplcyment Lfenaf.eine.n!; Se^-tion, Wa^' Incvastries Board 

Trracnrenhe.-^, Alex: n'le ^iYiey'loej?. Laoor Year Bj.-^k 191V-1910; New York, 1918, 
v^'ClK '^l Ox to^M.a,X S'?.ir.e'i(»8, Pait il, fhe Lal'^rr Movement In iiie United States, 
pp» 54 li'u 

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"uheciy, suruomve and lunctions o.f trade imions. 

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Bureau of Lal^rr Staticitict, No. 235, Wasliin^.'^-c-on , 1918. 

aegulatl:2,n and Rer.-"-i<^.t:lon of Ou-'-put; V/ashirg hen , 1904, U. S. Bureau cf Lah-jr, 
^l^ven'vh Special Report. Is&usd a2 Poouaienb 7^4, 58ch Congress, P^nd 

Pinal I?epovt of the Indies trial ConET.irislon of ^Ti'jie, 1898; Washington, 190.^, Gov- 

eriraent Pritiring OCfioe, pp, IL'l-liXlillT. of VoiuiDe 1'!' and sujaari^^ed in Vol- 
umr^ iO, pp. 793-c>33. ''T'li. s'canO.ard doscriptio". ,:ind dis'-iussion of American 

Thirty-Seventh Annual Convantion of the AmerJ.ceji r3deration of Lauor (Buffalo, 
Nov. ];^-<i4, 1917); ninthly Review 3f Bui^eau of Lahor Stalistios, 1918, Jan. 
pp. 1S9-146. 





' g^9 T> W, W> 
Bnaploymont Management Flection, V^^r Industries Board 

Sept. 30, 1918 

Parker, Carleton H. : 'Ihe I. W. W.; Atlantic Mcutfclyj 1917, Ilcvember. 

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Digest of I, V/. We J..ibera•^^:ve, sta'-ing history ^nd p'a7?poBes of organisation, and 
indicating" prin'-jj pie of vioienoe to acconipiish its sends 5 CongT'essional Reoopd^ 
May 6, 1918, pc 6566, 

The Truth About •'-.he I. W. W. ; New York, 1918, National Oivii Liberties Bureau, 

written by Goorge P. West, John Ac Pi'^ch, Prof, Carlton H. Parker, John Graham 
Brooks and Roger N. Baldwin. 





S T H I K E S 
Engployment Itoiagoment Section, Y/ar IndTistries lioard 

Sept. 30, 191G 

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mifee on Relation Between Employers and Eniployed of the Ministry of Recon- 
struction. Great Iritain, London, 1918. 

Strikes in American Industry in !/ar tine; Research Report No. 3, National In- 
dustrial Conference Board, Boston, 1919. 






Sept. 30, 1918 

THB Basis ^f biscipl :- \e akd loyalty ti; htdustrial belatioits 

Employroent Managemen*; Socticn, V/ar .industries Board 

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pincott. Chapter II, Psj-^/hology uf the Servioe, pp. 7-40. 

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gineering Magav.iioe Oc* 

fc^i^Ti Ji Us: V/^rking V/ith Our W^ti 24 HQurs a Day; System, 1918, August, 
155-irs.. (IvEr. Poster is President Hydraulic Pressed Steel Co»t 


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Charts III and lY deserve careful consideration. 

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Vol. 21, pp. 535-541. P.epuM.ished as Essay I in Unto 5)hie Last. 



t " • 11^ ii^^^aai^Ba 



^fT**'^ ^ "^^^T^ 








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U«S« War industries board. Employ- 
ment section. 
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